BarkBox has perfect Stranger Things box for your doggo

Stranger Things official store - Courtesy of Netflix
Stranger Things official store - Courtesy of Netflix /

Stranger Things season 4 is a huge hit to no one’s surprise. It was fun, thrilling, and heartbreaking, but now that we are back to waiting for the next season, you might be looking for ways to keep the magic alive. One way you might not be aware of is the BarkBox Stranger Things box.

The subscription service for dogs came out with a new box that is all about Stranger Things. It includes all toys that are inspired by different elements of the show.

The box includes a plush Eleven toy. It includes the shaved head, plaid shirt, and even the nose bleed. And what would Eleven be without her favorite food! The box also contains a box of Beggo waffles and when you open it up, it has three little squeaky waffles inside. These toys are always fun because they allow your dog to use their brains to figure out how to get the small toys out.

A Stranger Things BarkBox wouldn’t be complete without a monster toy and this one includes a Demobat. It’s pretty much a Demogorgon with wings. Horrifying! It includes a squeaker and the wings are perfect for tug-o-war.

BarkBox offering Stranger Things box of toys

You also get a plushy version of Steve’s Spiky Bat and a hat that looks exactly like one Dustin would wear. You also get a plushy Dart (remember him from season 2? RIP). He has a tail that any dog would love to bite.

To get this box, you simply need to sign up for a subscription to BarkBox. They offer 12-month, 6-month, and 1-month subscriptions and the price differs depending on which one you get. But unlike with other special boxes and offers, you don’t have to sign up for a multi-month subscription to get the Stranger Things box.

What’s your favorite toy in this Stranger Things BarkBox? Let us know in the comments below!

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