Bully Max Instant Fresh Dog Food makes it easy to switch your pup to a raw food diet

Bully Max Instant Fresh Dog Food. Image courtesy Bully Max
Bully Max Instant Fresh Dog Food. Image courtesy Bully Max /

Are you looking to make the switch from a dry food or canned food diet for your pup? Have you considered a raw food diet for them? Bully Max makes it easier than ever to make that switch happen, while still satisfying your pup’s hunger!

Whether you are starting this fresh diet when your pup is truly a puppy or making this switch later in their life, we definitely recommend talking to your dog’s veterinarian first. Dietary changes can cause tummy upsets, so it is always a good idea to talk it over first.

But, if you have made the decision to go with a fresh or raw diet, Bully Max has the perfect solution for all of your pups needs thanks to their Instant Fresh Dog Food. Good for puppies and adult dogs alike, this particular dog food just needs water to be added and let it come together. It is a three minute wait and then your pup has the perfect bowl of food.

Bully Max makes it easy to switch to a fresh dog food diet

So what makes a raw diet such a good idea? According to the founder and CEO of Bully Max, Matthew Kinneman,

"The benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet are healthier skin, better digestion, increased immunity and overall health. Raw food does however, also come with some downsides, such as riskier digestion and the possibility for bacteria exposure."

Sounds good right? And if you are wondering what makes the Instant Fresh Dog Food such a good choice, he also has the answer for that as well.

"If you’re looking for a raw diet alternative, Bully Max just launched Instant Fresh Dog Food that’s ready in seconds with the addition of water. It’s shelf-stable and provides the same great benefits of a natural raw diet, but with even more essential vitamins and minerals, and the ability to stay fresh 50x longer."

Considering we have thought about making the switch with our own staff pup, we think Bully Max is a great choice to add to the mix for a lot of reasons. After trying previous Bully Max products, we already know that our pup is a fan and gets a lot out of the Bully Max dog foods. And the fact that they enjoy the food is always a bonus in our eyes.

So if you are looking to make the switch to a raw diet for your pup, Bully Max might just be the answer you are looking for.

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But what do you think of the raw diet for dogs? Have you heard of Bully Max? Would you use their Instant Fresh Dog Food if all you had to do was add water? We want to hear your thoughts.