Native Pet has hit the shelves at Target

Best-Selling Dog Supplement Brand Native Pet Now Available at Target. Image courtesy of Native Pet
Best-Selling Dog Supplement Brand Native Pet Now Available at Target. Image courtesy of Native Pet /

Have you heard of the best selling pet supplement brand Native Pet? If you have (and even if you haven’t yet), you will be excited to learn they are at Target now. And what does that mean for us? It means our next trip to Target also means a run through the pet aisles!

Considering how much we love doing a Target run and finding new goodies both for ourselves and our pets, it just makes sense that we would be excited by news of new products hitting the aisles of our favorite store. And when those products happen to be pet supplements designed to give our pups what they need (health wise) then we are here for it!

If you are unfamiliar with Native Pet, they are a brand with a goal to “make a difference in your pet’s life by offering nutritional supplements that are simple, effective, and tasty.” They are all about adding more to our pup’s diet than what they may be getting in their standard bowl of dog food. Basically, they are doing their part to make sure that our pets are getting all the things their diet may need that maybe they aren’t already getting and more.

So what exactly is Target now carrying from the Native Pet line?

Target is now carrying Native Pet Supplements

Native Pet
Best-Selling Dog Supplement Brand Native Pet Now Available at Target. Image courtesy of Native Pet /

From chews to powders to probiotics, there is something for every pup out there. And according to the press email we received on behalf of Native Pet, the products that Target will be offering (at least right now) are:

"Probiotics for Dogs – The powder formulated with only 4 natural ingredients including the Jerusalem artichoke, helps promote gut health upon being added to dog food while maintaining a shelf life of 2 years.Omega Oil – This wild-caught salmon and pollock based oil additive promotes healthy skin, coats and joints with additional heart-health benefits.Pumpkin Powder – A fully organic, water activated powder crafted with only 3 ingredients (pumpkin, pumpkin seed and apple) serves as an ideal aid to combat diarrhea and constipation.Yak Chews – The all-natural hard cheese chews made of Yak’s milk serve as a high-protein, stink-free, mess-free stick that occupies furry friends for hours.Air-Dried Chews – With a variety of functional recipe options, the air-dried chicken chew line includes tasty, reward-friendly bites for Allergy, Relief, Calming and Bladder support all built with active ingredients from the earth."

We got the opportunity to have our staff pup give the air-dried chews a try and we were shocked by how much she enjoyed them. These were clearly a winner for her and that means that they are a winner for us too. The fact that they come in a chicken flavor certainly helped in terms of winning over our picky pup.

Honestly, we are always happy to see new brands dropping at Target and this is definitely an exciting one for us. But we want to know what you think. Have you heard of the brand before and will you be checking them out at your closest Target?

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