5 reasons why dachshunds are the best dogs ever

Whether you call them dachshunds, doxies, or weiner dogs, there can no be denying that the breed is one of the best. They are small, long, short, and cuter than should be possible for an animal that can get into so much trouble. But trouble or not, there really is no better dog than a dachshund. Let’s discuss why!

They are very loyal

No dog is more loyal than a dachshund. Once they like you, you are theirs forever. They will wait for you to come back when you’re gone. They will sit as close to you as humanly possible when you’re sitting on the couch. They will follow you from room to room (or at least mine does).

While they will from time to time lay in the sun or choose someone else to lay next to, if you are one of their people, they will be back to you in no time.

They love to love

Dachshunds could not be more loveable. They will kiss you until their tongues fall off, they get hungry, or they get too tired. Whichever comes first. They will also give you this look that shows so much love you can barely take it. It’s impossible to describe but once you see it, you’ll know.

Dachshunds are lovable, energetic, and very loyal

They also love to snuggle and really, is there a better way to show love than that? It’s not great in the summer when you’re already sweating, but are you really going to say no to that face? I think not. The love goes both ways after all.

They are very energetic

Technically, there might be dogs that are more energetic than the dachshund but if you’ve ever had a dachshund puppy or even a 4-year-old, you will beg to differ, They may have short legs, but they are very fast. They will randomly zoom through different rooms and it’s like they are traveling at the speed of light.

Also, if you throw a toy they want, they will have it in 2 seconds flat (and good luck getting it back. They play for keeps). And they are also always up to play with toys. While some dachshunds have a preference for the types of toys they like (mine likes soft, plushy ones), usually, if you show any interest in a toy, they will want that toy and will not stop until they have it!.

They will protect you

Dachshunds are well known for having a temper and it comes out the most when they think their person is in danger. This could be when you’re meeting another person for the first time, if they see another dog within their line of sight, or because someone rang the doorbell and they MUST protect the house.

They know who they love and they are willing to protect you in any way they can. Not all dachshunds are like this but it is definitely most of them.

They are very easy to pick up

Dachshunds are also known for their small size which is what makes them so easy to pick up. Whether you want to take them to another room, put them up on the couch, take them to the vet (the horror!), or get them out of any danger they put themselves in, as long as you support their long backs, they are one of the easiest dogs to pick up and carry with you. You aren’t doing that with a golden retriever or a lab (or at least not easily).

The number of times I’ve had to pick up mine because she wanted to play with another dog that was 5 times bigger than her (she thinks she’s that big) or because she was about to eat something inedible is infinite.

But sometimes you simply pick them up because you just need a snuggle and there is certainly. nothing wrong with that.

What is your favorite thing about dachshunds? Let us know in the comments below!