National Pet Day: The search for pups to star in a brand new travel product

Meet Asteroid and Orbit, Alabama’s first hospital facility dogs who have comforted over 1,700 patients. Image courtesy Canines for Coping
Meet Asteroid and Orbit, Alabama’s first hospital facility dogs who have comforted over 1,700 patients. Image courtesy Canines for Coping /

Baymont by Wyndham is a hotel chain that is based out of New Jersey in the United States. And they need your help (well your dog’s help that is, really)! They are doing this in honor of 2022 National Pet Day this year!

Know some pups with the greatest travel tips? Have you had some pretty awesome traveling with a dog/pet tips that you think others may benefit from? If you answered ‘yes’ to at least one of those questions then this nationwide pup search might fit you just right!

How will you celebrate National Pet Day? How can Baymont by Wyndham use your help? Let’s find out together!

Connecticut /

Beginning on April 11, 2022, Wyndham is launching a nationwide search for pups with the best jet setting travel advice.

What else does this so-called ‘advice wanted’ sign entail?

The pup(s) with the best advice, and a travel-friendly photo to accompany it too of course, will be featured in Wyndham’s digital brand new travel guide. But that’s not all folks! Stay tuned for even more!

What else can you win, should you and your pup get chosen as the winner(s)?

On top of being featured in Baymont by Wyndham’s digital brand new travel guide, you will also get to choose yes choose a weekend getaway destination of your choice to enjoy!

Are there any catches? How does this all work together?

We’re so glad that you asked, actually. And nope! No catches here! Here’s all that you have to do/how it all works:

  • Starting on National Pet Day (today), April 11, 2022, pup parents will submit their best travel advice and a high-res photo of their well-traveled doggo to the following e-mail address:
  • Not just one but ten lucky dogs will then be chosen to be featured in Baymont’s free downloadable digital pet travel guide!
    • Special reward for the pet owners as well:
      • Pup owners who submit a chosen winner will get 60,000 Wyndham rewards points (probably good for booking your next stay at one nearest to you or another loved one for that matter)
      • Pup owners will also get to choose their destination of choice, which can be redeemed through said 60,000 received rewards points
  • The final submissions can be taken up until the point/date and time of the following: May 9, 2022 at 11:59 PM (no later or else no consideration)

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How does this sound to you? What is your best personal advice on traveling with a dog or any other pet for that matter? My dog always loved a pillow in the car and a thermos of ice cold water! How about yours? Let’s chat! And as always…Woof, Woof!