IPSY and Glamnetic are getting into the pet beauty game

IPSY Magnetic Pet Lashes. Image courtesy IPSY
IPSY Magnetic Pet Lashes. Image courtesy IPSY /

Is there anything better than a beauty subscription? As fans of the idea of IPSY (we haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet), we think not. But what if they could give us something for our pups to give them the glam vibes we all love? And what if that meant partnering with Glamnetic to make that happen for our dogs.

This year, the two top beauty brands, IPSY and Glamnetic have come together for something so fun that we couldn’t help but think – what if.

What if our dogs (and cats) could rock some magnetic lashes? What if there were Magnetic Pet Lashes to give our furry friends the glow up that we think they deserve?

What would you say?

IPSY and Glamnetic come together for an epic collaboration on April 1

IPSY Magnetic Pet Lashes. Image courtesy IPSY /

So what did the press email we received have to say about this collaboration?

"Whether you have an already pampered pooch or a pet who is new to the beauty game, there will be a lash set for them. IPSY + Glamnetic understand that each animal is different, so they are offering a range of lashes from flashy pink to traditional black. No pet preference goes unnoticed. Humans can even buy them to match their furry loved ones’ new look!"

Sounds like fun to us and the kind of glow up we can get behind. (And yay for options even for our pets, am I right!)

IPSY Magnetic Pet Lashes. Image courtesy IPSY /

But here’s the thing about that partnership – it’s a one day only thing. An April 1, 2022 kind of thing. So you know what that means right?


That’s right, this is an April Fools joke from two of our favorite beauty brands and we are here for it! Obviously we would never do something to our pets to hurt them or make them uncomfortable unnecessarily, but we still loved the idea of these Magnetic Pet Lashes anyway!

Check out the campaign over on Instagram, where you can see more of this fun and glamorous April Fools’ Day joke. And we also have a quick note from both brands:

"P.S. All photos were photoshopped and no pets were harmed in the creation of this April Fools’ joke (other than maybe being over-cuddled)."

What do you think fellow dog lovers? Do you wish this partnership was real?

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