Riverdale: Bingo is the hero of the hour as he saves Archie

A lot went down in the eighth episode of Riverdale‘s sixth season. Not only was there a funeral, but we also had a kidnapping and more. And while much of the focus was on the increasingly odd things happening in Riverdale, it is hard for us to not shine a light on one of our favorite characters in the show right now – Bingo.

If you aren’t exactly all caught up on all things Riverdale, then you might be a little confused about who Bingo is. Well, Bingo is Archie Andrew’s dog.

Bingo was a gift from his uncle in an effort to help with Archie’s PTSD. And while we don’t always see the pup on our screens, in “Chapter One Hundred and Two: Death at a Funeral,” he was in many ways one of the most crucial characters in the entire episode.

Not only was he mentioned quite a few times, thanks to the trouble he was getting up to at Alice Cooper’s house (we even see him jumping up on her as she is trying to serve coffee), but in the end he was the true hero of the hour.

Bingo was the hero of the hour on Riverdale

While Archie is out here getting kidnapped by TBK (Trash Bag Killer), Betty is on a wild goose chase that leads to her finding body parts in trash cans. And that also means that she had no idea that Archie was in danger.

Luckily for her and Archie, Alice has had enough of Bingo and decides to bring him back to his owner. And when Bingo shows up in the same attic room as TBK is getting ready to start chopping up Archie Andrews, there is no way he is letting his human get murdered.

After basically pushing TBK out of the attic through a boarded up window, it is clear that without Bingo, Archie would have been in a lot of trouble. So if ever there was a hero of this episode it would have to be the dog.

And yes, we are here for Bingo finally getting a chance to shine for real. Now we just need to see more of the pup on our screens.

What do you think Riverdale fans? Were you excited to see Bingo getting a chance to shine as the hero of the hour? Let us know!