This pineapple dog bed lets your pup channel their inner SpongeBob

Vrbo & Paramount Build SpongeBob’s Pineapple Home IRL. Image courtesy Vrbo
Vrbo & Paramount Build SpongeBob’s Pineapple Home IRL. Image courtesy Vrbo /

Who lives in a pineapple not under the sea? Well our dogs now can thanks to this Pineapple Dog Bed available from Chewy’s website!

Whether you love SpongeBob because you grew up with him or you just have a thing for pineapples, you might be looking for some inspiration to bring that love into your home. And especially into your home for your dog to enjoy!

What better way to make pineapple magic happen in your home than by giving your pup a covered dog bed that is actually shaped like a pineapple? Seriously this bed is everything!

Channel your dog’s inner SpongeBob with this pineapple dog bed

Available right now on the Chewy website, there are two sizes of this dog bed – a medium and a small bed. And yes, this bed also works for cats too.

For the small bed, you are looking at about $39.99, while the medium bed is $59.99 (although at the time of writing, this bed was on sale). So what makes this pineapple dog bed special?

According to the Chewy website,

"This fun and festive cuddler cave features a bright, tropical yellow exterior with a leafy green top that looks just like a giant pineapple. Lined with a soft, plush cushion, it’s the perfect hideaway for a midday snooze or a sound night’s sleep."

Considering how popular enclosed or covered beds have become in recent years, it makes sense that we would want to find a bed that our pet will love. And if it happens to be fun and festive, that just makes it even better.

With this pineapple dog bed, we get to add a splash of color to our home, while also making sure that our pup is getting a good night’s sleep no matter what.

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But what do you think of the idea of a pineapple covered dog bed? Would you snag one of these beds straight off the SpongeBob set for your pup? We want to know.