Breaking News: PETA helped removed freezing dogs with a sit-in

The qualities that make these gentle, eager-to-please beagles great companions also make them animal experimenters’ preferred victims. Image courtesy PETA
The qualities that make these gentle, eager-to-please beagles great companions also make them animal experimenters’ preferred victims. Image courtesy PETA /

This week, animal rights group and organization, PETA, made an awful discovery out in Michigan. They were called out on a four-day-long sit-in due to multiple calls and reports of a breeder mistreating and neglecting dogs under various conditions.

After nearly 20 women traveled from all over the nation, this week, they went over to the Michigan Sheriff’s Office to appeal this case. They staged a complete sit-in in the office’s foyer.

These women initially came to offer their help because PETA presented video footage from the investigation to the Sheriff’s Office on December 3rd. Yes, you heard that right. Nothing was done until just this week (first of all, good for those women, second of all, shame on the Michigan Sheriff’s Office for not doing something sooner.

You can see photos and video footage of the PETA-based sit-in here and here.

Who did all this you ask? Who forced PETA to come and rescue these poor dogs in the first place? Who is this monster?

At roughly 10:30 in the morning, on the morning of January 7, 2022, police had the home and breeding area of John D. Jones, completely surrounded. He owned and operated a breeding service under the following name/title: JRT John’s Jack Russell Terriers.

What the police found was absolutely horrific, let me tell you. Just to start out they initially removed 34 adult dogs, as well as 7 puppies off of his property, many of which were just left outside in their pens – here’s the kick: this week, the temperatures up in Michigan dropped to as low as minus 5 degrees at that time, during this week.

You can see the police leaving the property with the dogs here.

Well, much to the dogs and puppies surprise and (literally) dying wishes, on the morning of January 7, 2022, all of those 41 dogs are now safe – hooray!

All 41 dogs are now safe with ample food, bedding, water, toys (gotta have some fun too, right?!), and the care that any and all animals so lovingly have the rights to and deserve as well!

After all of this, here’s what was learned: in the state of Michigan, it is actually illegal “to deny animals adequate care and to mutilate them, both of which PETA’s investigation discovered were being done at JRT John’s” (Press Release from Megan Wiltsie).

Once again, this was only to additionally help PETA’s plea and encouraging potential dog-owners and buyers/adopters not to purchase from any breeders. PETA is in full “rejoycement” mode after Sheriff Yancer did his job…albeit finally, but as long as it was done, and those dogs are safe, happy, and healthy now, then that’s all that really and truly does matter.

For more info on what else PETA does or how else you can help, please visit their website here.

You can also find them on all of their social media accounts as well:

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What are your thoughts on this senseless act done by JRT John’s Jack Russell Terriers ‘Breeding Service? Thank God for PETA! Stay tuned for more lovable animal stories to come at any times!