PetSmart celebrated the Pawlidays with an exclusive sweater giveaway that sold out quickly

PetSmart Drops Free, Limited Holiday Sweaters for Pets + Pet Parents. Image courtesy PetSmart
PetSmart Drops Free, Limited Holiday Sweaters for Pets + Pet Parents. Image courtesy PetSmart /

Just in time for the Pawlidays, or the holidays, PetSmart did an exclusive sweater giveaway for us and our pups. And fans snatched these sweaters up quickly.

The giveaway in question was for a set of sweaters, one for you and one for your pup. What made these sweaters so much fun was that they were designed to have your face on your pup’s sweater and your pup’s face on your sweater.

And after seeing them in person, we know just how amazing these sweaters were. Unfortunately, the giveaway was only available for one day only, so once December 2 was over, so was the chance to get these sweaters.

But even if you missed out on this PetSmart giveaway, that doesn’t mean there won’t be more in the future. In fact, on the PetSmart Pawliday Giveaway page, they explain that the sweaters have all been claimed, but they plan to have more limited edition drops in the new year.

PetSmart made magic happen with a very special sweater giveaway

On the holiday giveaway page they shared,

"All of our Pawliday Sweaters got snatched up. But since we would do Anything for Pets, stay tuned for more PetSmart limited edition drops in the new year."

They recommend following their social media accounts for news about these exclusive drops and you can also sign up for their newsletter to keep up to date on these giveaways and limited edition drops.

And we definitely recommend signing up so you never miss out on a deal or a giveaway again.

When it comes to keeping things fresh for our dogs, PetSmart definitely delivers. And a happy Pawlidays sweater giveaway is definitely keeping it fresh.

Fingers crossed they do something like this again in the summer so we can get our pups on t-shirts next!

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Did you know about the PetSmart Pawliday Sweater Giveaway? Do you follow them on social media or via their newsletter? Let us know.