Animal Crossing update a big hit with ACNH fans

The big Animal Crossing update hit in early November, and given the mostly real-world timing of the game, more secrets and interesting tidbits have had time to show up, which seems like a good time to write about it.

Technically, this was the final major update, released on Friday, November 5, though Nintendo has and will continue for some time with minor updates and bug fixes.

Since we had friends’ reviews talk Wesley into getting the game in the first place, it only seems right to do the same thing here.

According to Jess, she thinks the biggest highlight was Harv’s Island, where the hippie hound Harv runs a photo studio. A bunch of his old pals set up little shops outside of RVs on his property in a co-op, which includes shoeseller Kicks the skunk, Katrina the fortune-telling panther, Saharah the rug dealing camel, and Cyrus and Reese the sheep, who do furniture renovations.

Leif the gardening creature (maybe he’s a sloth?) is there as well, as is art dealer and con artist Redd the fox.

The big Animal Crossing update is a big hit with fans.

But the star of Harv’s Island in our opinion here at Dog O’Day is Harriet the dog, a hot pink Poodle who used to run the Shampoodle beauty parlor in previous games, but is now retired, though not quite ready to hang up her shears just yet. She was introduced in Wild World and has appeared in several other games, and makes a cameo in the audience in Super Smash Brothers.

Imagine Dolly Parton’s Steel Magnolias character Truvy Jones in dog form, and you have a good mental image. She can also unlock 11 exclusive haircuts that can’t be found anywhere else.

Kapp’n the tortoise runs a ferry service to different islands that Dodo Airlines cannot travel to, and there are a ton more plants to take care of – tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, sugarcane and wheat, in addition to pumpkins and fish and clams, all can now be cooked or baked.

“I’m creating a small farm on my island, and I adore cooking! I find myself giving food to my animals a lot,” Susan gushed, adding that she immediately set up an amusement park with her stashed=up Nook Miles.

Another massive fan favorite character from the Animal Crossing update is a green pigeon named Brewster, who runs a coffee shop called The Roost in Blathers’ Museum. Like the Able Sisters, showing up over time gradually increases his level of friendliness, from a basic mug of coffee to (as of this writing) occasionally giving out recipes and coffee beans.

Other characters, whether villagers or NPCs, may drop by The Roost for a coffee break and chitchat, and other animals may be called using Amiibo cards.

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