Target has the perfect holiday BARK toys for our dogs this season

Bark seasonal toys. Image by Kimberley Spinney
Bark seasonal toys. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

Are you looking for quick and easy dog toys to stuff your pup’s stocking with this holiday season? Then Target and BARK has the answer!

If you (or really your dog) have had a BarkBox subscription then you already know that these dog toys are amazing. Whether because of the themes of the toys or even their durability, there are a lot of reasons why we love toys from BARK. And while you probably want to hit up the BARK Shop for more of the specialty toys (outside of the BarkBox of course), the fact that we can head to Target to get some of the seasonal toys is exciting all on its own.

So which toys are we the most excited for in this holiday release?

Target is our seasonal BARK toy destination for our pups this holiday

  • BARK Beggnog – Great for large dogs! This is a larger, bottle shaped toy.
  • BARK Puppermint Sweeties – This is a tug-o-war toy that also gives them squeakies for added fun.
  • BARK Jolly Jacques Frost – Have a pup who loves squeakers? Then this is the adorable snowman toy for them.
  • BARK Polar Mug Smuggler – This toy is a super cute polar bear with their little holiday mug in hand. It’s ridiculously cute (and I swear I would keep this one for myself if the pup wouldn’t get jealous!).
  • BARK Puppermint Bark Pretzel – This is another tug-o-war toy that is relatively simple, but it is also cute and perfect for the playful pup.
  • BARK Super Chewer Gingerbread Man – For the super chewers out there, this gingerbread man is a more durable toy in the lineup. Still ready for the holidays, this is a simple toy that still gets your pup in a festive spirit.

Obviously, this is just a small assortment of the toys that can be found at Target (or even on their website). But, even with this small assortment of toys, you can tell that the holidays will be amazing for our furry friends.

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Have you snagged any of the holiday BARK toys from Target yet? Did you know that Target sold BARK toys? Will you be getting any of these dog toys for your pup this year?