How to Stay at Home Goofy shorts now on Disney Plus

Disney Presents Goofy in How to Stay at Home on Disney Plus
Disney Presents Goofy in How to Stay at Home on Disney Plus /

How to Stay at Home, a new trio of Goofy shorts that dropped on Disney Plus Day, bring nostalgic charm to the pandemic era.

The shorts were hand-drawn at Walt Disney Animation Studios, and written and directed by Eric Gordon. They hearken back to the very popular “How To…” World War II series of shorts that starred Goofy learning a variety of activities, including  how to play baseball, basketball and football, or how to swim or fish while out on the lake/

The title card of the How to Stay at Home shorts is a cross stitch design of a landscape scene featuring a handsome farm house near a corn field with apple trees running up the driveway, adding to the pleasant old-fashioned feeling.

Each installment, “How to Wear a Mask,” “How to Cook” and “How to Binge Watch,” sees Goofy taking on a common household pandemic task in his own unforgettable way.

How to Stay at Home Goofy shorts are now streaming on Disney Plus.

“How to Wear a Mask” find Goofy trying to fit his mask on his enormous snout, and failing in a variety of ways (you’ve surely seen the PSAs that Dog Twitter has ran, it’s very similar). He manages to smash a statue and nearly mummify himself before successfully retrieving the mail from the mailbox.

“How to Cook” sees him confront his barren cupboards and refrigerator to make something edible at mealtime, collecting a variety of kitchen utensils in the process.

“How to Binge Watch” proves that he eventually figures out how to wear a mask properly, as he puts one on when the pizza delivery guy comes to the house. He also makes a fire and performs other household chores while staying focused on his current favorite TV show.

The very dignified and grandiose narrator is Corey Burton, who has worked on a variety of Disney productions, including Disneyland announcements, Chip and Dale, DuckTales, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Non-Disney credits include Adventures in Odyssey, Scooby-Doo and Droopy projects, and the DC Animated Universe.

The voice of Goofy comes, of course, from Bill Farmer, who has voiced the character since 1987, and also hosts the series It’s a Dog’s Life on Disney Plus.

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Again, all installments of How to Stay at Home are now available on Disney Plus.