This Thanksgiving, doggos are thankful for Full Moon Pet

Full Moon Pet treats, photo courtesy Full Moon Pet
Full Moon Pet treats, photo courtesy Full Moon Pet /

Here at Dog O’ Day, we can’t get enough of the brand Full Moon Pet! These were already my pup Sunny’s favorite treats, so she couldn’t be more happy to be getting more. We received two new flavors and Sunny wasted no time enjoying these.

Full Moon Pet knows that every dog deserves food that is made with the same care and quality as hooman food. And don’t we all want our doggos to have the best of the best? This is why the brand uses human-grade ingredients such as real chicken breast, rosemary, and even real blueberries (Sunny’s favorite).

There are no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. The family business was founded in 2011 and they specialize in healthy (but delicious) treats that are made from 100% natural and human-grade ingredients.

Full Moon Pet treats: Organic Jerky and Chicken Jerky

Sunny and I received the Organic Jerky and Chicken Jerky treats along with a personalized  pumpkin stencil of Sunny.

The size is perfect for big rewards or as a snack. I love to give these to Sunny when I come back home after a long day and just before leaving, this way, she’ll actually look forward to me heading out the door!

The Organic Jerky and Chicken Jerky treats aren’t great for training, but they aren’t meant to be! If you’re searching for great training treats, Full Moon has them! Sunny’s favorite are the Training Treats – Duck.

Full Moon Pet treats start at $7.99. And when it comes to prices, I truly believe you get what you paid for — and this applies to everything! I cringe whenever I see big dog treat bags for $2! Terrible quality, horrible ingredients, Dog O’ Day knows better than to recommend these treats.

With Thanksgiving coming up, your pup will LOVE and be so thankful for Full Moon Pet treats.

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