Fable is here to help dog parents tackle the crappiest chore

Waste Bag Holder from Fable, image courtesy Fable
Waste Bag Holder from Fable, image courtesy Fable /

Listen, no one loves dogs more than us here at Dog O’ Day! But I’m sure we can all agree that cleaning up waste after our dog pal is one of the crappiest chores there is! Luckily, Fable is here to make it easier (and oh so more fashionable).

In September, Fable released Waste Bag Holder. And, honestly, you wouldn’t even be able to guess what it is from just looking at it. It looks like a cool gadget. I don’t know about you, but I want my dog and everything about her to be trendy, she’s my kid, after all!

While I haven’t personally checked this product out just yet, I’m looking forward to it. The waste bag holder does as the title reads, holds the waste baggies. It features a clean, sleek look and “provides a much more seamless” experience.

What makes Fable’s Waste Bag Holder so unique?

Fable has many amazing pet products and it is mostly known for its beautiful dog crates. But what’s so special about the new Waste Bag Holder?

The silicone holder makes it super easy to quickly grab and snap a baggie — you only need one hand (unlike two with regular waste bag holders). It also features a twist cap to lock in new bag rolls, and it is lightweight, perfect for dog parents who go running with their four-legged bestie.

Fable’s Waste Bag Holder is also waterproof and easy to clean. Best of all? The bags are biodegradable, extra large (how many of you love large bags?) and indestructible. In fact, Fable has a “never rips or your money back” gurantee.

Fable’s Waste Bag Holder is available in five colors: Slate, Green, Blush, Light Blue, and Black. It’s priced at $35, and you can order yours HERE.

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