Listen up: Canine breaks world record with 13-inch ears

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, there was a brand new recipient that will be featured in the 2022 version of such a classic read! What’s the world record? The longest ears on a dog!

That’s right! The new recipient of the world record for longest ears is none other than one of our furry canine friends! Her name is Lou, and she is a 3-year old American canine who lives with her owner, Paige Olsen, who adopted her when she was just a puppy. And guess what? Paige said she fell in love right away at first sigh because of her elongated ears and how big they were compared to the size of her tiny little body!

Guinness recently awarded Lou with the world record title of: “Longest Ears on a Dog (Living)”!

So how long were Lou’s ears? Get this! Lou’s ears measure in at around 13.38 inches long!

While Paige always (obviously) noticed the length of Lou’s lengthy ears, she only went on to go and measure them during the pandemic (I mean, come on now, besides snuggle and play with Lou, what else was she supposed to do?! While marveling at her pups ears, Paige Olsen thought to herself that she should submit her pup’s unique trait into Guinness, as a gamble, just to see what they would come back with and say….good news….Lou got the ‘job’!

Don’t worry! Lou’s alright. There’s nothing wrong with her ears, and she needs no extra visits to the vet; the only thing that she needs is periodical cleaning to make sure that all is good in there!

Here’s something that Paige wants all pet-owners to know and do in regards to their pets:

“Embrace your pet’s uniqueness and love them always!”

Ms. Olsen, thank you for that message, and we should all be so lucky to have a dog as loving, calm, and unique as Lou! Much love to her!

What do you think about Lou’s long ears? Does your pooch have a unique ability or feature? Let us know down in the comments below! Woof, Woof!