The 5 biggest hypoallergenic dogs

Listen, here at Dog O’ Day we love all the dogs. Short and tall, long hair don’t care, playful or chill, we’ll take any pupper! But, unfortunately, sometimes the dog we can get is out of our control. Some families prefer hypoallergenic dogs. If this is you, we share the biggest hypoallergenic dogs.

Whether it’s the uncontrollable sneezing or you simply don’t have time to vacuum all the dog hair out of…well, everything, some families prefer to have a hypoallergenic dog.

No hate here. I believe each dog lover and family have to do research before bringing a new puppy into their home. This is true for many reasons. You have to see if you have time in your schedule to go on long walks if you get a very energetic pup, or are willing to take your new dog on multiple trips to the groomer.

The biggest reason pet owners get hypoallergenic dogs, though, are allergies and shedding. Now, as Monster K9 points out, no dog is 100% allergen-free, but the right one can significantly have an impact on your allergies and the amount of hair you pick up.

What is the biggest hypoallergenic dog?

These are the top five hypoallergenic dog breeds that either don’t shed or do so minimally.

Giant Schnauzer

This breed, originally bred to herd cattle, but are also known to be good guard dogs, are loyal and obedient on top of shedding minimally.

Portuguese Water Dog

These excellent swimmers won’t leave any hair behind and, unlike the Giant Schnauzer, are only about 40-60lbs. So if you’re looking for a breed that sheds very little, but isn’t giant, this one is it.

Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier is known to shed a bit when there’s a change in season, but stop soon after. They’re very playful and energetic.

Bergamasco Shepherd

Now, if you want a low-maintenance dog, there’s no other like the Bergamasco Shepherd! Owner have reported no shedding, and their coats don’t even require brushing. They are very easy going dogs and also only need moderate exercise.

Standard Poodle

Finally, we have our top pick. The Standard Poodle is known for not shedding, but make no mistake, Labradoodles, Golden Doodles, and other breeds mixed with poodles do shed. Not much, but they do. If you want absolutely no shedding, a Standard Poddle is your best bet.

Which hypoallergenic dog is best for you?