Petco helps to support our pet’s mental health with a variety of products

Petco (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Petco (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) /

As more of us head back to work or school, we are leaving our pets at home on their own. And Petco wants to help make these transitions easier for all of us with the help of everything from calming treats to stimulating toys and even the perfect apparel and technology.

With the help of products from Petco, they are doing their part to support the mental health and wellness of our pets while we aren’t home. At the same time, they are also helping us to reduce their anxiety levels.

Among their calming treats, they have products for dogs and cats from Well & Good which help to reduce tension, nervousness, and stress. Of course, they also have treats such as the Good Lovin’ No Rawhide Peanut Butter Flavored Dog Bones that you can use in the toys for stimulation.

Petco delivers on the promise of health and wellness with their wide range of products perfect for mitigating separation anxiety

One of my favorite products for calming that Petco has to offer is their ThunderEase Calming Diffuser Kit for Dogs. This is a plug in kit that releases pheromones to diffuse nerves. And yes, it actually works, or at least it worked for our staff pup!

Another calming product that we have used in the past with other pups that we are once again trying with our staff pup is the Thundershirt weighted vest for dogs. It is amazing for when thunderstorms roll through, reducing anxiety during travel, or even just offering comfort when you need to leave them alone for a bit.

But perhaps our favorite product for helping to stimulate our pup mentally, while also keeping their minds off the fact that we aren’t home all the time, is the Outward Hound Brick Blue Puzzle Dog Toy. It’s a puzzle that holds treats for our dogs to discover. It is all about the challenge and keeping our pup’s attention.

Honestly, we love shopping at Petco for our pets and this is especially true when it comes to grabbing things that will help them to get through any types of separation while we go back to work or school. Of course, it is also the perfect place to stock up on treats, toys, and even replace those KONG toys we love (or is it that our dogs love).

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Are you a Petco shopper too? Have you tried any of their products that are specifically targeted to maintaining the health and wellness of your pet? We want to know.