How to prepare your dog for back to school time

Guiding Eyes for the Blind brood/stud dogs need foster homes. Photos provided by Guiding Eyes.
Guiding Eyes for the Blind brood/stud dogs need foster homes. Photos provided by Guiding Eyes. /

The pandemic has had the majority of people working from home for the past several months. During this time, students have been attending class online or homeschooling. Needless to say, pets have loved having us all home, but it’s back to school time!

Being home means more cuddles, walks, play time, even extra doggie snacks and treats! So as annoying, uncomfortable, and often frustrating as the past several months have been, our pups couldn’t be happier about it.

Unfortunately for our doggos, it’s time to go back to school! Most of us have also gone back to work full-time, so even more people leaving home is not good news for our four-legged besties.

How can we best prepare our pets for back-to-school season? The American Kennel Club has some great tips! We share our favorite, below.

Tips on leaving your dog alone this back to school season

The biggest battle your pup will have to face, is boredom. And to cure boredom, they’re going to need new toys. But not just any toys! Get your doggo interactive toys.

The source suggests toys filled with peanut butter, treats, and frozen banana slices. You can also hide these toys with treats around the house — don’t be too sneaky about it, you don’t want your dog to ruin furniture while searching. Just in places you know your pet will be around. I like to hide treats in a rolled up towel, my pup loves it!

Be sure to practice leaving for long period of time before you leave for school or work, such as dinner, and then dinner and a movie, and so on. Start with an hour and work your way up.

It’s all about getting your pet used to a new routine.

One thing you also need to do as you get them used to this new routine, is also adjust to their new schedule. You’ll be gone for a long while, so make sacrifices for them. Wake up extra early to take them on a walk or run (not to mention, bathroom break) so they get their exercise in early.

Before you leave, take them on another bathroom break, just in case. If you have a pet sitter, schedule their arrival accordingly.

Other tips: Leave music or background noise. Better yet, leave the TV on. And open the blinds to a window you know they can see out of, but can’t escape from.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

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