Titans gives us so little Krypto in “Red Hood” that we had to appreciate Hawk’s dinner instead

"Barbara Gordon." Titans season 3. Courtesy of Warner Media.
"Barbara Gordon." Titans season 3. Courtesy of Warner Media. /

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the second episode of Titans Season 3. It was a chance to see how the team interacted with each other in a new setting and it brought Hawk and Dove back into the picture. At the same time, we saw some failures and of course learned the identity of Red Hood (which if you are a fan of the comics you already knew).

But you know what we didn’t see a lot of during the episode? Much of Krypto the Superdog. In fact, at one point I was worried that they didn’t bring him with them from San Francisco!

Luckily, we know Krypto tagged along because we saw him when Conner/Superboy and Gar/Beast Boy were searching for the missing children while the rest of the team was at the bank being duped. But really that was the only time we actually saw Krypto at all and he didn’t really do anything with the Titans this time.

However, we did get a great scene with Hank/Hawk and Dick/Nightwing in the kitchen of Wayne Manor.

Even without getting much Krypto action, Titans still made a point of adding a fun scene revolving around the Superdog

In the kitchen, Hank can be seen adding some seasoning to a bowl of food. We don’t know where he got this food or what it is. When Dick comes in to the kitchen they start talking and Hank mentions the food and well it turns out that it’s Krypto‘s dinner.

That’s right poor Hawk was eating dog food. The fact that Dick was able to tell Hank this without laughing was great. And even Hank’s reaction was great, as he just calmly put the lid back on the bowl and put it back in the fridge.

It was a great reminder that even when we don’t see Krypto, he is still very much a part of the show and these characters’ lives. We may not always see him, but at least they are acknowledging him in small ways this season too.

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Hopefully in episode 3 of Titans we get more Krypto than the blink and you miss him moment we got in “Red Hood.” And if we can get more humorous moments like Hank eating Krypto’s dog food, we will definitely be excited. This season it is clear they are doing what they can to remind us that even if a character isn’t on the scene that doesn’t mean we should forget them and we are here for it.