Major Biden gives us an update on how he is doing after the loss of Champ

Since the loss of Champ Biden in June, Major Biden has been mostly staying off social media and out of the limelight. But now he is checking in and letting his Oval Pawffice followers know how he is doing.

In a new post shared to The Oval Pawffice Instagram on July 20, we got to see a picture of Major Biden with a tennis ball in his mouth. The pup looked happy and healthy, even if he is still mourning the loss of his brother, Champ.

And considering we have not seen a lot of posts from Major or the First Dogs social media accounts, we were excited for even a hint of how our First Dog is doing.

Major Biden shares an update on how he is following his brother’s death

In this update, Major shares:

It has not been easy after my brother Champ passed away, but I am making pawgress, feeling a bit more joyful and hopeful every day. I am now even playing fetch again, which is always a good sign. And I’m wagging forward to meeting the new kitty my parents will pawdopt!

Considering how big of a part Champ was in Major’s life, it makes sense that he would be struggling after his death. However, it is nice to know that he is playing fetch again and acting more like himself.

As we all know, after a loss, it can take a while before we start to find joy and hope in every day. And the same can be said for dogs, whether the loss is a furry sibling or a human companion.

We are happy to see signs that Major Biden is getting back the joy in life and once again engaging in games of fetch. And hopefully he will get to meet his new feline sibling soon and have a new companion to spend time with.

Of course, we can’t wait for the new kitty sibling either, as we are all about having all the pets!

Have you been following the Oval Pawffice social media accounts for news on Major? Are you happy to see him enjoying things like fetch again? Let us know in the comments.