A friendly doggy proposal for Jimmy Fallon and the Lightning vs. Islanders playoff series

Holland the Pup and Traveling Food Dude enjoying playoff hockey at the nearby bar. Photo by Adam Vosding
Holland the Pup and Traveling Food Dude enjoying playoff hockey at the nearby bar. Photo by Adam Vosding /

Hey guys, it’s Holland the Pup here checking in from the Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where for the past few weeks I have been an honorary ranch dog and I have been streaming the Tampa Bay Lightning playoff games during my free time.

When I was watching game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs between the New York Islanders and the Tampa Bay Lightning I saw Jimmy Fallon in the crowd and noticed he’s a huge New York Islanders fan (I’m guessing his dog, Gary, is an Islanders fan, too). I quickly ran to the post office after seeing Jimmy on TV and mailed him a care package with some of my custom Topps trading cards and a few of my stickers. I also suggested we come up with a friendly bet on the series and since the series is now tied 2-2 I figured it would be a good time for me to write a quick article as well!

A pupprosal from Holland to Jimmy Fallon

So, Jimmy, I hope you see this and I hope we can agree to a friendly wager on the series. I’m a huge doggo Tampa Bay Lightning fan and I’m on a mission to visit every NHL arena. I’ve been to eleven arenas so far and hope visit NYC next season and when I’m there I hope I can meet you and your dog, Gary. I have so much admiration for you and your love of dogs that I even wrote an article earlier this year about your episode where puppies predicted the winner of the Super Bowl. As a big doggo Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan I was very happy your puppy prediction was correct.

Since the series is now knotted up at 2, how about a friendly bet? I can send you a care package of doggo goodies from Tampa if the Islanders end up winning the series and you can send me a care package of doggo goodies from New York if the Lightning end up winning the series. Hit me up on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or TikTok if you’re up for the friendly bet! Either way it’s been a fun series to watch and I love seeing the passion of the Islanders fans. Honestly that arena would probably scare me it’s so loud! All that being said, I hope both teams have fun and may the best team win. Until next time, enjoy the ride!

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Peace & love,

Holland the Pup