Hank the Cowdog podcast episode 3 review: Lost in the Dark Unchanted Forest

Hank the Cowdog. Image Courtesy QCode
Hank the Cowdog. Image Courtesy QCode /

Hank the Cowdog episode 3 is another great episode. of the story, packaged into a bite-size format for easy listening.

Previously on the Hank the Cowdog podcast, Loper and Sally May (Kirsten Dunst) brought home a new human baby, which Little Alfred wasn’t too happy about.

Additionally, in the first episode, the main characters of the ranch were introduced, like Hank (Matthew McConaughey), Drover (Jesse Plemons) and Pete the Barncat.

In the second episode, Little Alfred threw a fit (which is understandable, as he’s about three or four), running off into the nearby woods. Viewers also learned that Sinister the Bobcat has been lurking in those same woods recently.

Hank the Cowdog podcast episode 3 continues the story well.


Drover, being somewhat of a coward and not afraid to admit it, has no plans to go into the creepy forest to be ambushed by Sinister in an act of heroism while rescuing Little Alfred, forcing Hank to go in alone.

After thinking long and hard about going inside the house (there’s a thunderstorm coming), Hank finds two sets of footprints in the woods, Little Alfred’s and Sinister’s. and gets considerably lost.

Happily, or perhaps unhappily, he runs into an old acquaintance in Madame Moonshine the owl, who talks in circles but seems generally friendly enough. The episode ends with the two of them improvising a song together after a long conversation.

What we thought

Cynthia Erivo does a fantastic job of portraying Madame Moonshine, and Hank’s insecurity is highlighted in this episode, which does well at rounding out his personality more, cutting through the macho facade he likes to present.

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The Hank the Cowdog podcast episode 3, like all of them, was written and directed by Jeff Nichols, and was a production of Tri-State Pictures, HTC Productions and QCODE Productions, released in September and October 2020, and based on the children’s book series by John R Erickson, specifically the 1988 novel Lost in the Dark Unchanted Forest..

All episodes of the Hank the Cowdog podcast can be found on Spotify.