Chewy Spotify playlist ready for summer road trips

Summertime means road trips, and since every road trip is made better by good music, the Chewy Spotify road trip playlist is ready to help.

This is definitely a collaboration we can get behind, as one of the largest pet supply retailers is a huge help to pet owners, while Spotify makes finding new music and podcasts so much easier.

The Chewy Spotify road trips playlist is simply called “Road Trips,” and other playlists the company has put together include “Waggy Wonderland” of Christmas music, “Jock Jams” for workouts and sports, “Cupid’s Corner” for Valentine’s Day, “Friendsgiving” for Thanksgiving, and the general playlists “Walks and Wags,” “ReFresh Sing Tunes” and “Zen Space.”

“Road Trips” features 21 songs from artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Florence and the Machine, Willie Nelson, the Eagles, John Denver and Van Morrison, with songs like “Africa,” “Brown Eyed Girl,” “Life is a Highway,” “On the Road Again,” and  “Sweet Home Alabama.”

A Chewy Spotify playlist is pawfect for summer road trips.

Chewy announced this playlist on their Instagram account on Saturday, May 29, with a post featuring a black and white dog pushing a small Hot Wheels or Matchbox version of a classic 1960s VW bus.

While many of these tunes are often covered (some in very good and surprising ways), “Road Trips” features the originals because the classics are classics for a reason, and with those songs in the lineup, it would also work well as the background music at a high school baseball game as well.

Unfortunately, as far as we know, there aren’t any songs about dogs included here, or songs sung by dog owners, but that’s okay, not everyone likes them or is able to care of them, especially when celebrities’ lives are as hectic as they often are.

Our resident canine expert here at Dog O’Day is Holland the Pup, who recently appeared on the Dog Stories podcast sharing her journey traveling around the country.  We think she’d probably approve of the listing here.

What do you think of the Chewy Spotify playlists?