Pooch Perfect, Episode 5 Review: Disney Dogs

POOCH PERFECT - “From Grotty to Hottie” – “Pooch Perfect,” the Rebel Wilson-hosted dog grooming competition series showcasing the best creative groomers in the country, premieres TUESDAY, MARCH 30 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Christopher Willard)LISA VANDERPUMP
POOCH PERFECT - “From Grotty to Hottie” – “Pooch Perfect,” the Rebel Wilson-hosted dog grooming competition series showcasing the best creative groomers in the country, premieres TUESDAY, MARCH 30 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Christopher Willard)LISA VANDERPUMP /

This week’s episode of Pooch Perfect was all about Disney, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Disney, am I right?! We saw all sorts of different Disney characters and elements galore! Be sure to stay tuned every Tuesday night at 7p.m. CST for more colorful and creative dog grooming creations alike!

Pooch Perfect episode 5 premiered on ABC on Tuesday, April 28, and let’s just say that there was a lot of Disney magic going on with the pups and teams alike – and yes, we absolutely loved it!

This week’s opener:

"“Welcome to Pooch Perfect where, let’s face it: everyday is Hump Day!” ~Rebel Wilson, Host"

Let’s get ready for Pooch Perfect episode 5, mixed with some beautiful Disney magic!

“Release the Hounds”!

First up, the Immunity Puppertunity challenge – The Groomer Swaparoodle (assistants are grooming this week – not the actual groomers – omg!

It was actually super fun, this week, to watch the assistants take over for this initial challenge within the episode – some (Jordan) had some actual grooming experience while basically all others didn’t, but all members of a team are valuable in their own special way, shape, and form(s)!

“Groomers – assistants, your time is pup!”

Here’s what each team did for this fifth Immunity Puppertunity challenge this week:

First up was Jordan and Deb who chose to go for a super clean little groom for their female pup named Tiger. They added tiny little tiger stripes to her ears (decals, strings) to fit her name!

Second up was Josh and Philip who chose to go for a super clean, girly look with all things pink. A pink outlined paw print on the hip, and the hair in the face all tied up with a pretty in pink flower bow and some banana curls added to the fur on the cute little head, was super cute, and fit the dog’s personality (and theirs as well for that matter) to a tee!

Then came Justin and Alyssa who chose to go for a beautifully clean groomed Shih Tzu with the most adorable ponytail ever. The clean feet, longer fur on the face, the Justin signature orange addition near the head and neck, and finally the ponytail tied it all together!

Next up was Sarah and Riza who chose to go for a clean trim on the bodice, longer tapered fur on the long luscious legs, long ears (the fur), a beautiful rainbow-shaped bun on the head with a blingy centered flower in the middle of it, gorgeous and girly pink feather boa, all tied together with some pink, purple and blue flowers, with a light pink butterfly all in it together!

Then was Monse and Gabriel who chose to go for a gorgeous and clean groomed look on their adorable, smiley pup. A purple/blue/indigo-ish mohawk, same color being incorporated on the ears, and a zebra-print bandana was a cute, stylish mini puppy look.

Sixth in line, and closing in the Immunity Puppertunity challenge, came Corina and Macie who chose to for a clean groom/shave on their Airdale dog. Atticus went from curly to trimmed! Cute!

 And the winners of this fifth Immunity Puppertunity….Corina and Macie (no bottom three this week)!

The second half of the episode was occupied by Pooch Perfect’s fifth Ultimutt Challenge….Disney Dogs, giving each team over 100 years of characters and costumes to choose from! Sky’s truly the limit!

The rules? Take a normal adorable pup and essentially and completely transform them into a Disney character using their “canvas as their canine” as TV host Rebel Wilson had previously stated.

“Release the Plutos!”

After some time, tears, colors and plenty of Disney magic, “Groomers, your time is pup!”

Now, here’s what each team decided to transform their pups into on the official Dog Walk:

  • Gabriel & Monse (Disney Movie/Chosen Character: Hercules – flexing Hercules on the side, gold accents, gold medal around the neck, striking blue mohawk, thunder cloud & lightning bolt going down one of the pup’s hind legs/side bodice of the opposite hind leg, blue tail to match the color of the mohawk)
  • Riza & Sarah (Disney Movie/Chosen Character: A Bug’s Life – purple ‘ant’ head with matching tiny little purple antennae coming out of the head, green, orange, and yellow colors in the bodice and legs, matched with lady bug wings, shiny rhinestone bugs, and light brown/beige butterflies, and flowery accents all on the back)
  • Deb & Jordan (Disney Movie/Chosen Character: Brave/Merida/3 Brother Bears – Merida’s classic red curly hair and her face on one side, while 3 Brother Bears represented by Deb’s three sons are on the other side of the bodice, Mother Bear on the dog’s actual front represents Deb’s mother, while she represents Merida herself)
  • Alyssa & Justin (Disney Movie/Chosen Character: Lilo and Stitch – black and white poodle, mixed with gorgeous blue/teal-ish waves going up one side of the legs with a goldfish on the left hind leg, while the poodle adorns a carved out pink lei around their neck (made of fur too); a galaxy of deep purples and blues alike sparkles and a super colorful beach-like/type scene on the other side of the legs – Alyssa also hid three Mickey Heads A.K.A. a Hidden Mickey – say whaaaat – on the inside of a lei flower, made my gemstones, and one with coconuts too)
  • Philip & Josh (Disney Movie/Chosen Character: The Little Mermaid/Flounder – blue base of the fur, made to look like the blue ocean water from the movie, both The Little Mermaid (Ariel’s tail merges into the dog’s tail) and Flounder , followed by a light purple octopus carved on the mid-bodice, as well as the left hind leg as well – gorgeous and untouched pup face)
  • Macie & Corina (Disney Movie/Chosen Character: Frozen/Anna & Elsa – and absolutely adorably groomed Bichon Frise, with, on one side, a blonde Elsa braid hangs down the side, with a bright and light blue snowflake dress is on the pup, all while on the other side, lies a blue, deep magenta, and orange dress to represent Anna’s outfits throughout the movie – sparkles throughout of course – duh!)

And finally after all of that….

My Personal Pick for Best in Show: Philip and Josh (The Little Mermaid was adorable, and Flounder with the tiny purple octopus tied it all and the whole entire movie together as one)

I personally can’t choose my least favorite, though.

Second place in my opinion: Macie and Corina – the dog itself was adorable, that little face with an underbite, and the two different split personalities was adorable and creative all in one!

BEST IN SHOW: Alyssa and Justin (Lilo & Stitch-inspired groomed look) – two Best-in-Shows in Pooch Perfect history – congratulations!

ELIMINATED TEAM: Philip and Josh (The Little Mermaid-inspired groomed look) – my personal favorite – so sad!

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That’s a wrap for Pooch Perfect episode 5, Disney Dogs! As Rebel said it herself: “Good Night and Good Dog!”

What are your thoughts on Pooch Perfect episode 5? Let us know who your Best in Show was and your intel on the eliminated team! Woof, Woof!