Magnum PI gave us a very dog-centric episode in “Dark Harvest”

Since it premiered, Magnum PI has proven that it is a dog-friendly, dog loving series, especially with Higgins owning two pups of her own. But in Season 3, Episode 12, “Dark Harvest,” it was really all about the dogs.

Not only did Magnum and Higgins have a case involving a missing service dog, but we even got the backstory of just how Higgins got Zeus and Apollo, her elegant guard dogs. And over the course of the episode, not only did we watch as Higgins finally revealed more about herself, including the fact that she was initially a cat person before these two dogs came into her life and helped to give her a sense of purpose, but we also got to see more of who Magnum is.

In “Dark Harvest,” it is Magnum who tells Higgins that the majority of the service dogs that are adopted by veterans are rescues, while also discussing just how important these dogs can be to these individuals. And when the dog they are trying to rescue is injured trying to protect someone else, it is Magnum who carefully carries the pup to help.

If ever there was a moment when it is clear that Magnum PI is a dog-friendly series, it would have to be watching all of the characters rally around a dog they barely even knew. And sure, it could have been because of the service member who would be without their dog if something awful happened, but it is clear that they want this pup to be okay.

Magnum PI goes to the dogs in the Season 3 episode “Dark Harvest”

At its core, Magnum PI is as much about solving unique cases and helping people out, as it is giving us humor and a sense of fun. Often times, there are lessons and moments of pure human emotion that really draw you in and keep us hooked. But all of this is tempered by the ability to have fun, making the series a win for anyone looking to be entertained.

But as dog lovers, we are here for the pups. It is always exciting to see Apollo and Zeus show up to basically mess with Magnum. And of course in this episode we got a lot more doggy love. We saw dogs playing on the beach and at dog parks, and of course the big case started with our missing service dog. It was truly a dog-centric episode and we were loving every minute of it.

Now if we could get more service dogs or even more Zeus and Apollo moments, we would be extremely happy.

What did you think of this episode of Magnum PI? Were you as engaged in the missing service dog story line as we were? Do you agree that Magnum PI is a dog-friendly series? Tell us in the comments below.