The complete list of NJCAA canine mascots

Photo: Cheer.. Courtesy of Netflix
Photo: Cheer.. Courtesy of Netflix /

We love canine mascots here at Dog O’Day, as they make sports more fun. So we decided to track the NJCAA canine mascots today since we’re previously covered the NCAA canine mascots and NAIA canine mascots.

(And lest the cats feel left out, feline mascots are great as well, and we plan to start tracking them soon.)

The National Junior College Athletic Association governs college sports at two-year institutions, most of which have “community college” or “junior college” in their names, which will henceforth be abbreviated CC and JC for easier typing for the writer.

They are headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, and oversee schools in roughly 38 conferences across three divisions in 24 states, participating in baseball, basketball, bowling, cross country, diving, football, golf, half marathon, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, wrestling and volleyball (indoor and beach).

The NJCAA canine mascots are well represented.

So, let’s take a look at the NJCAA canine mascots. There are around 440 schools in the NJCAA, and a decent percentage of them use canine mascots.

Bergen CC, Bunker Hill CC, Georgia Military, Clarendon, Holmes CC, Mississippi Gulf Coast CC, Navarro (of Netflix documentary series Cheer fame), Pittsburgh CC, South Suburban and Thaddeus Stevens Tech are all Bulldogs.

There are a bunch of our dogs’ wilder cousins in variations of “Wolves,” all of which will be grouped together as a collective pack. These schools are Adonirack CC, Copiah-Lincoln CC, Florida Gateway Timberwolves, Joliet CC, Lamar CC Runnin’ Lopes, Madison Area Technical College Wolfpack, Niagara County CC Thunderwolves, North Central Michigan Timberwolves and the Westmoreland County CC Wolfpack.

Chandler-Gilbert CC, Southern Nevada and Weatherford are all the Coyotes.

In the Midwest, Fort Scott CC and Moberly Area CC are both the Greyhounds.

Also, Highland CC-Kansas has the Scotties, Waycross is home to the Swamp Foxes, and UConn-Avery Point is home to the Pointers.

While California has its own state athletic association (the California Community College Athletic Association) and and the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges (covering Idaho, Oregon, Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia) is also independent, and thus can’t be counted among NJCAA canine mascots, we’re going to include those schools that apply here in this list, since they’re at the same level and our research has dug this far.

In the CCCAA, there are the Coyotes of Cerro Coso CC, Cuyamoca and Lake Tahoe CC; the Bulldogs of Allan Hancock and San Mateo; and the East Los Angeles Huskies and Monterey Peninsula Lobos.

In the NWACC, there are the Bellevue Bulldogs and the Blue Mountain CC Timberwolves.

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We hope these schools do well in whatever sports they are able to play this spring.