Poop ‘N Tie makes cleaning up after your pup easier

Poop 'N Tie Dog Poop Bags. Image courtesy of Max Leahy for PNT Pets.
Poop 'N Tie Dog Poop Bags. Image courtesy of Max Leahy for PNT Pets. /

When it comes to walking your dog, there is one thing that can be frustrating – cleaning up after your pup. But Poop ‘N Tie wants to help you to change all of that. And what better way to do that, than with a product that makes cleaning up your pup’s poop easy and quick.

Poop ‘N Tie was founded by Max Leahy, who wanted to change the way we pick up poop. Considering this is something most of us do as responsible dog owners, it makes sense that we are always looking to make our lives easier. And sure, we can point out that this is just a poop bag to dispose of your dog’s waste, but it is more than that.

With the help of Poop ‘N Tie, we are able to easily bend down, scoop the poop, and then pull the drawstring. No more struggling to get the bag sealed up while your pup is pulling to get on with their walk. These bags are biodegradable, which is already a win for us, and are easy closure (drawstring makes so many things easier).

Seriously, the way these bags are described is so straightforward, “Poop ‘N Tie bags are the first biodegradable easy closure dog waste bags on the market that come on a roll (without a wasteful center core) and fit into a leash attached dispenser.”

Poop ‘N Tie makes dog poop clean up easier day or night

To kick things off, there is a Poop ‘N Tie Fabric Waste Bag Dispenser With 2 Rolls that gets you started with this product. It features a LED flashlight for night walking and poop pickup, a clip for attaching the used bags for easy transport to the closest garbage can, and of course it comes with two rolls of these drawstring bags.

The bags themselves have a fresh minty scent, which helps eliminate the odors often associated with dog waste pick up. And they are sturdy! Seriously, the worst thing about dog clean up is when the bag rips during pick up and you still have quite a ways to go on your journey. It’s happened and there was trauma.

But what’s the best part of these bags? How about the fact that they are affordable! Any time I can save money, not get traumatized picking up dog poop, and seal the bag easier, I am in.

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What do you think of the idea of a drawstring poop bag? Will you be giving Poop ‘N Tie a try for your upcoming dog walking adventures? Tell us in the comments.