Stella & Chewy’s partners with soccer star Alex Morgan to treat our pups right this Valentine’s Day

Alex Morgan with her dogs. Image courtesy of Stella & Chewy's.
Alex Morgan with her dogs. Image courtesy of Stella & Chewy's. /

Stella & Chewy’s recently conducted a survey about how Valentine’s Day will look in 2021. And it looks like our pups are playing a big part in the holiday (we aren’t very surprised actually), leading to a special partnership with soccer star Alex Morgan.

So what exactly did the survey reveal? And what is Stella & Chewy’s, in partnership with Morgan, planning for our pups? We have the answers.

According to a press email we received, it seems that 80 percent of pet parents are planning to stay home for Valentine’s Day in 2021 and that means spending more time with their furry friends! And that’s not all, as 64 percent of those pet parents are hoping to give their pets a gift for the holiday too.

Looking at the pet parents surveyed who want to give their pets a gift, 84 percent revealed that it is all about seeing the enjoyment and excitement our pets exhibit when getting goodies as a gift. And if those gifts happen to correspond with things that we love, that makes it even better.

Stella & Chewy’s partners with Alex Morgan for Valentine’s Day

Stella & Chewy's
Alex Morgan with her dogs. Image courtesy of Stella & Chewy’s. /

In order to help pet parents celebrate Valentine’s Day with their pets, Stella & Chewy’s partnered with soccer star Alex Morgan and her dogs for a very special giveaway. The giveaway is for what they are calling the “Conversation Barks.” Inspired by Conversation Hearts, these heart shaped dog biscuits are a perfect treat for any pup.

So how do you get in on this giveaway? Everything kicks off over on Instagram starting on Feb. 8 and running through Feb. 12. You’ll want to visit the Stella & Chewy’s Instagram beginning on the 8th to enter and if you want to take things up a notch, there is also a chance to receive a customized Valentine featuring your pup by posting a picture of them on Instagram using #LoveFromStella.

According to Alex Morgan,

"My dogs Kona and Blue are such an important part of my life. I love being able to make them feel extra special on days like Valentine’s Day by treating them to little gifts. They love Stella & Chewy’s treats, including Conversation Barks, and seeing them happy brings me so much joy."

When it comes to making our pups feel special this Valentine’s Day, it certainly seems like Stella & Chewy’s is making magic happen. The fact that they are also doing something for the pet parents is just an added bonus. Of course, helping us give our dogs a special holiday is a gift all on its own.

We love when there are giveaways that our pups can potentially win, as this a great way for us to spoil our fur babies even more than we might usually. And we love that this means we can make Valentine’s Day 2021 special even in a small way makes us pretty happy.

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Are you a fan of Stella & Chewy’s? Will you be entering this giveaway to win something special for your pup? Tell us what you think in the comments.