Dogs very good TV watching partners, Rover study finds

Dogs make very good TV watching partners, a recent study by has revealed.

According to their survey, 90 percent of people are watching more TV or movies than they were before the pandemic began, which makes sense – activities outside the home have mostly been closed or highly restricted, you can’t play video games all the time, and the mental energy of reading is difficult.

About 78 percent of pet parents say their dogs are their TV watching partners, which makes sense, because our pets are our family in some sense, and it’s good bonding time. Also, there are a ton of good dogs on TV.

Almost six out of every 10 dog owners surveyed said that their pet has a favorite TV show, which seems a bit dubious but theoretically possible. (While our dogs don’t particularly enjoy watching TV, staff cat Rags HATES Cary Grant movies, so it seems like they may indeed have favorites.)

Our preferred TV watching partners are our dogs, it turns out.

Comedy and action are the top two genres of TV shows listed, which makes sense, as there is a long history of dogs having minor roles in sitcoms, and action usually includes loud fight scenes and car chases, which would be interesting for a dog.

Also, animal documentaries are also highly popular, which makes sense, as dogs can recognize themselves on high-definition TV screens.

More often than not, dog owners tend to wait until the dog is in the room before starting a show or movie, while about 70 percent make sure their doggo is in a comfy spot on the couch or with a pillow on the floor, and about the same percentage usually provide snacks for their pupper. This all seems like a bit of overkill, but if it helps get through the day, go ahead.

About two-thirds of pet owners leave the TV on when they’re out of the house, which, as Enzo shows in The Art of Racing in the Rain (both the novel and the movie), is informative and engaging, and 80 percent of owners report that their dog reacts to what’s happening on the screen (again, with better TV screens, this makes sense).

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