Can dogs see ghosts?

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If you’ve got a dog, chances are they exhibit some strange behaviors once in a while. Is it because dogs can see ghosts?

I’m sure that as long as you have a dog, you have seen as they exhibit some unusual behaviors every once in a while; this may include perking up their ears when they hear something but we don’t, barking at nothing, staring at a particular area in the house for no apparent reason. Whatever it may be, sometimes dogs can be weird (but that’s why we love them), and we may not know exactly why.

As much as we’d like to believe that dogs have this sixth sense in order to see the paranormal and sense other such things like that, there really is no such proof to prove to us otherwise.

Can dogs see ghosts? Can dogs sense the paranormal?

The director of the AKC Family Dog Program, Dr. Mary Burch, says that she’s had many dog-owners reach out to her and say that at times, their dogs will just stop dead in their tracks when walking around the house, only to later find out that somebody died in that very spot. While there may not be specific proof of this, there is something that may be the cause of such odd behavior(s).

Let’s say a dog seems oddly attached to a random item around the house. Well, according to Dr. Burch, dogs may feel some sort of attachment to such items that may have previously belonged to a deceased family member that they loved very much and were very close to.

Another scientific explanation to dog’s such odd behavior(s) could be because their fields of vision is much wider than ours, being able to see things at much further distances than we do. Maybe something from far away spooked them, who knows. All we know is that dogs definitely are much smarter than humans, whether we’re willing to admit it or not.

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What do you think? Can dogs see ghosts and feel the paranormal? Has your dog exhibited such familiar behaviors as well? Let’s talk in the comments down below! Merry Barkmas, and as always, Woof, Woof!