Happy Socks gives our pups the cutest socks this holiday season

Image courtesy of Geraldine Castro - Factory PR for Happy Socks
Image courtesy of Geraldine Castro - Factory PR for Happy Socks /

Happy Socks goes to the dogs for the 2020 holiday season

For the first time ever, Happy Socks is expanding their offerings into the world of dog socks and we are so glad that they did. On Dec. 1, the company known for socks that feature fun pictures and themes finally entered the dog market. And they did it in style!

According to a press email about the launch, we learned that not only are they giving us adorable socks for our pups, but they are taking that a step farther by offering gift boxes for the holidays. And that’s not all, as Happy Socks is even making sure that if we want we can match our pups socked look too!

Happy Socks
Image courtesy of Geraldine Castro – Factory PR for Happy Socks /

There are three designs for our pups to rock, and with this being their first foray into the world of sweater, we completely understand why Happy Socks is going with only three sock styles off the bat. But hopefully once we go crazy and buy them all, they will decide to give us even more socks for our pups.

Happy Socks brings the cuteness with three dog sock designs

Right now, the company is offering their Big Dot Sock, the Dog Bone Sock, and the Cherry Sock. And we are here for these cute socks!

Not only are these socks adorable, but they are also a great idea during the winter. These socks are designed to be anti-slip, with a grippy bottom. And it’s not just cold weather that these socks are good for, as they can even be used to help protect those hardwood floors.

While it might seem ridiculous to put socks on your dog, once you do it, it honestly seems less out there. And once your pup gets used to wearing the socks, you may just find that they expect their cozy slippers!

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What do you think of dogs wearing socks? Would you snag these socks from Happy Socks for your pups stocking this holiday season? Tell us in the comments.