Walmart brings back their Peanuts Gingerbread Kit for the holidays

Peanuts Gingerbread House Kit. Image courtesy of Walmart
Peanuts Gingerbread House Kit. Image courtesy of Walmart /

The Peanuts Gingerbread House Kit is back at Walmart

Building gingerbread houses is all part of the holiday magic. And Walmart is making the magic better with the return of the Peanuts gingerbread kit.

Obviously we need this kit in our lives thanks to the fact that it is inspired by our favorite Peanuts characters. And the fact that we not only get little figures to hang out at our little gingerbread house makes it that much better. We are talking about Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and others hanging out and getting into the Christmas spirit.

From the price to what you actually get in this kit, this might just be the ultimate gingerbread house kit for fans of both the holidays and dogs of course.

Walmart brings back the Peanuts Gingerbread House Kit

First we have to talk about the fact that this kit will only cost us $12.98 whether we snag it from a Walmart store or on their website. This is a steal for the fact that you are building a complete gingerbread house with character figurines.

Next we have to talk about the kit itself. Beyond the Peanuts figures that come inside, this kit features gingerbread that has already been baked up for us, icing that is ready to go, a tray to build on, fruity gummies and more. Basically, this kit has everything you need to build your Peanuts holiday scene!

As an added bonus, this kit gets bonus points for having gingerbread that not only smells amazing, but is also soft and perfect for nibbling, even if you shouldn’t be going all Hansel and Gretel on this thing (at least not until you’ve built it and shown it off to the world!). The only thing that could ever make this kit better is if it came with a few extra pieces in case of user error or maybe a snack attack.

When it comes to bringing us the perfect holiday offerings, Walmart knows what they are doing. And the fact that this kit is perfect for the Snoopy lovers in us all makes it that much better.

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Have you seen the Peanuts Gingerbread House Kit in a Walmart near you? Are you going to build one of these houses for yourself? Tell us in the comments.