Batman has inspired some very tasty dog treats for our pups

DogEatz Treatz. Photo Credit: Kimberley Spinney
DogEatz Treatz. Photo Credit: Kimberley Spinney /

Batman fans can now share the love with their pups

For fans of DC Comics and Batman, there is actually a bag of dog treats that lets you share that appreciation with our pups! And thanks to DogEatz Treatz, we are also giving them a treat that is healthy and good for their teeth, making it a win-win.

If you’ve ever wanted your very own Batdog, then these treats are definitely a must. Of course, the fact that these treats are bringing the Batman love is just a very small reason we are loving these treats for our pups.

Why we are loving these Batman dog treats

So what exactly is it about these treats that has running to the store to snag a bag or two? How about the fact that they are dental treats and will help keep our pup’s breath fresh and their teeth cleaner?

Another thing that really drew me to these treats is the fact that they do not contain soy, they are gluten free, and they are actually made in the United States. Of course, the ultimate test of any dog treat is how our pups feel about them.

And it turns out that even our staff pup is loving these Batman inspired dog treats. The fact that they look like the Bat Signal is something I appreciate, even if our dog is less impressed with the look of the treat. However, she certainly seemed to enjoy chewing on these treats, and it may have a little bit to do with their chewy texture.

Honestly, I am slightly obsessed with the fact that there are Batman dog treats on the market. But I was even more excited after checking out the DogEatz Treatz site, as it led me to Disney inspired treats, Hello Kitty treats, Snoopy treats, and more! It’s everything we could want as fans and more, as we can also treat our dogs right with these goodies.

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Have you seen DogEatz Treatz in stores near you? Would you pick up a dog treat because of a character like Batman? Tell us what you think in the comments.