Enjoy the Ride with Holland the Pup: Greetings from Snowy Montana

Enjoy the Ride as Holland tells about a recent visit to Montana.

Hello everyone, it’s me, Holland the Pup, checking in with my second “Enjoy the Ride” post. I’m writing this one while snuggled up in a king-sized bed at the dog-friendly Travelodge hotel in the small town of Livingston, Montana. For the past few days my dad, Traveling Food Dude, and I have been on a road trip through Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana including my first ever trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Two days ago a snowstorm rolled through this part of Montana so we decided to hunker down until the driving conditions improve. I’ll share more about my time in Yellowstone in a future post (I still have a lot to fill you in on about all the places I’ve been to up until now) but since this column is still relatively new, I wanted to spend some time telling you a little more about me and what I’m like.

I’m a quiet dog and I love my “alone” time, but don’t let that fool you because I do have my spazzo moments. I actually just got in from a long walk in the snow and I might have gotten a mild case of the zoomies while we were out on our walk. I gotta say the snow is so much fun and sometimes I just can’t help myself from tucking in my butt and running around in circles.

Holland the Pup on adventures in Montana with her dad the Traveling Food Dude. Photos by Adam Vosding.

I also get really excited when fetching sticks. One of my favorite places to fetch sticks is at the dog beach. It took me a few times to get comfortable going into the water after I was adopted, but now I love it and I’m pretty sure I could spend all day swimming.

I’m still not sure what breed of dog that I am, but I do know I’m a “mix” of some sort. I think I’m mostly Labrador with some other kinds of doggos mixed in. My legs are kind of short so that makes me wonder what else I could be. One day I hope to have one of those doggy DNA tests done so I know a little more about my parents and the type of dog that I am. I weigh just under 40 pounds so I’m not that big. A lot of people that see me in real life for the fist time say I’m smaller than they thought.

If you see pictures of me it would be easy for you to think that I’m a black dog, and although I am mostly black, I also have some white, grey, blonde, and auburn in my coat (I’ve been getting more and more grey hairs over the past few years…haha). If you ever see me in person and look at my coat you’ll notice that the white and grey patches are pretty easy to see, but the blonde and auburn colors are a little more hidden. Some folks even say the auburn color glows in the sunshine. My eyes are a light brown color and people say they sparkle.

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I hope you have learned a little bit more about me by reading this. I’ve gotten to see some pretty cool places and meet some really friendly people over the last couple years, and I’m so thankful for all the love I have gotten along the way. I promise you’ll continue to learn more about me in my future posts and I can’t wait to share all my adventures with you. Until next time, enjoy the ride.

I can be followed on Instagram at @HollandThePup, and Dad can be found at @TravelingFoodDude. And, of course, the Dog O’Day Instagram is @DogODayFS. have a great weekend, everyone!