Eukanuba Premium Performance fuels dog sports athletes

Eukanuba Premium Performance Dog Food. Image courtesy Eukanuba
Eukanuba Premium Performance Dog Food. Image courtesy Eukanuba /

Eukanuba Premium Performance products are perfect for fueling canine activity.

Eukanuba has been involved in the world of dog sports for some time now, so it’s no surprise that the new Eukanuba Premium Performance line is designed to help fuel canine athletes based on four different activity levels.

According to a press release, Eukanuba Premium Performance products are “designed to help fuel the physical and mental demands of canine athletes.”

There are four different varieties to choose from based on your dog’s activity level:

  • 21/13 Sprint: Most ideal for anaerobic activities, such as agility, flyball, and dock diving
    • Sprint has tailored levels of carbs for immediate energy and 21% protein and 13% fat.
  • 26/16/Exercise: Most ideal for for endurance and aerobic activities, such as running, hiking, and assistance(s) situations
    • Exercise provides optimal energy with 26% protein, 16% fat and nutrients to help defend against the effects of regular exercise.
  • 30/20 Sport: Most ideal for endurance and aerobic activities, such as sporting, tracking, and working
    • Sport has 30% protein to help strengthen and oxygenate exercising muscles and 20% fat for sustained energy.
  • 30/28 Work: Most idea for more extreme or continuous high-intensity activities, such as working, herding, or mushing
    • Work is a custom blend of 30% protein and 28% fat to help provide hardworking dogs with all-day energy.

Canine performance nutrition is so much more than proteins and fats – it’s maybe even more complicated than human nutrition. That’s why Eukanuba Premium Performance formulas provide antioxidants for recovery, fiber and probiotics for easy digestion,  and a variety of vitamins and minerals to keep our dogs ready for any challenge.

Eukanuba has been a longtime sponsor of various agility and conformation events and the NADD National Championship of dock diving, which will be combined with the 2020 NADD Regionals this year because of the pandemic.

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Which one of the Eukanuba Premium Performance blends is best for your dog? If you or someone you know has a furry pooch that has benefited from these products, then be sure to drop us a comment down below! Woof, Woof!