The Pack TV series first trailer drops ahead of release in November

The Pack trailer promises adrenaline-filled fun for dog lovers.

Amazon’s The Pack TV series dropped its first trailer as Prime Day 2020 began, providing a hint of what viewers can expect from the upcoming travel adventure reality competition series.

Essentially, it will be The Amazing Race with dogs, as Olympic skiier Lindsey Vonn will be hosting along with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lucy, as a dozen teams of dogs and humans race across continents.

A quarter-million dollars ($250,000) will go to the winning team’s charity of choice, while the winning team gets to keep $750,000 for themselves, which could come in very useful in paying for pet-related expenses.

This Amazon Original series was announced earlier this summer.

As this minute-long trailer showcases, teams will go dogsledding down a mountain, hiking through a maze and kayaking down a river during the competition, and these puppers are fashion-forward as well – we see one is a model on the runway, and someone else is sporting a neon blue mohawk as they jump over a hedge.

All episodes of The Pack will drop at once on Friday, November 20, 2020. This will make for some good viewing before the National Dog Show airs on NBC at noon across all time zones on Thanksgiving Day.

This was pointed out previously by our FanSided Network sister site Amazon Adviser, and we puppreciate the info.

The 12 teams who will compete are:

  • Vania and Jax the Golden Retriever
  • Linh and Chance, who looks at least partially Chihuahua
  • Chisum, who is a firefighter competing with his dog Kepo (possibly a Doberman?)
  • Mark and Ace the Border Collie
  • Daniel and Allister, a terrier of some kind
  • Donna and Charlie, a fluffy white Toy breed
  • Chelsey and Gryffin
  • Kentucky and Derby
  • Lucy (human) and Duchess the Labrador
  • Brian and Dixie the Coonhound
  • Mitra and Bozley (maybe a Cavalier?)
  • Josh and Snow, who sports purple and neon blue highlights on their white fur

It promises to be an exciting competition, and it won’t be all action all the time – B-roll footage shows normal life for the doggos and their peoples, and we see a group dinner scene similar to Lady and the Tramp as well.

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