Nature’s Recipe offers gourmet dog food toppers to help our pup’s foodie game

Nature's Recipe Dog Food Varieties. Photo Credit: Kimberley Spinney
Nature's Recipe Dog Food Varieties. Photo Credit: Kimberley Spinney /

Nature’s Recipe delivers gourmet flavors for our pups

Have you ever wandered the dog food aisle and noticed the level of gourmet our pups can now enjoy? As dog lovers, we completely understand it and want the absolute best. As rational people on a budget, sometimes we cringe. Then we have Nature’s Recipe, which is taking things up a notch with gourmet flavors of dog food toppers that are also affordable.

Basically, these are wet dog food options that our pups can enjoy as if they were eating at a gourmet restaurant, and honestly I never thought jealousy was an emotion I would feel when thinking about the things a dog ate. And while these can easily be eaten on their own, they are also perfect as a topper for dry food.

Essentially you portion out these unique cuts of meat/protein and whatever broth they are resting in and use it as a literal topping over the dry food you are feeding your dog. It adds more moisture to their diet and of course, plenty of flavors as well.

Nature’s Recipe is gourmet wet dog food in decadent flavors

Obviously, I can’t exactly offer up my opinion on how these products from Nature’s Recipe taste, as I have no intention or desire of chowing down on dog food, I know that the dogs who have tasted these wet food offerings have enjoyed every tasty morsel.

Not only are Nature’s Recipe products meant to nourish our pups, but they also offer easy digestion and bonus health benefits including healthier skin. At the end of the day, if it is good for our pups, then we are all in. And yes, if they enjoy eating the food, that is always an added bonus.

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Have your pups tried Nature’s Recipe products before? What about these wet food products? Would you use these as a mix in with dry food or even as a meal for your pup on its own? Tell us what you think in the comments.