Tally-Ho is the water enhancer for our dogs we never knew we needed

Tally-Ho, Functional Water Enhancers for Dogs. Image Courtesy Tally-Ho
Tally-Ho, Functional Water Enhancers for Dogs. Image Courtesy Tally-Ho /

Tally-Ho is water enhancer for our dogs

For many of us, we use water enhancers in our own bottles of water to add much needed nutrients into the mix. And while, we may not think of using a product like this for our dogs, Tally-Ho wants to change all of that.

In a press email we learned about this new release that was developed by the Ocean Spray’s Lighthouse Innovation Incubator. Tally-Ho is a water enhancer that can be used daily to help promote three very specific things – Oral Health, Emotional Health, and Immune Health.

What are these three Tally-Ho water enhancers?

The Oral Health enhancer was designed to promote not only healthy breath, but also help keep your dog’s teeth free of plaque. This enhancer features a minty flavor with zinc and mint as active ingredients.

For the Emotional Health enhancer, we are talking about a product that doesn’t cause drowsiness, but does promote behavior that is both alert and calm. This product features the flavor of savory chicken and uses the amino acid, L-Theanine.

Finally there is the Immune Health enhancer which adds a boost of vitamins to fuel the immune system of your pup. This particular Tally-Ho product uses zinc, as well as vitamins C and E to improve your dog’s overall health. As an added bonus, this enhancer offers up the flavor of salmon for your pup to enjoy.

What makes Tally-Ho so important as a dog health product is the fact it uses water to help transform the drink that your pup drinks everyday into an even more functional beverage of choice.

Right now, Tally-Ho is available in select stores in the Boston area, as well as via Indiegogo for delivery to your door.

With three different health benefits to choose from, you get to choose what your pup may need to live their best life. And we are always here for new innovations to improve our dog’s quality of life.

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What do you think of adding a water enhancer to your pup’s bowl? Would you use any of these products? Tell us what you think in the comments.