WeddingWire reveals the truth about our pets and marriage in fascinating study

WeddingWire reveals fascinating study results regarding marriage and pets

When it comes to planning a wedding, WeddingWire is the site to turn to. But when it comes to learning more about our pets, it may not seem like the most obvious place to go. And yet, thanks to the new “Love Your Pet” Study, we have some fascinating insights into our relationship with our pets and people.

So what exactly did we learn from this epic study? Honestly, I would have to say we learned exactly what we already knew – our animals are just as important in our love lives as anything else. In fact, I would say that being a pet parent means that we want like-minded people in our corner, especially if we plan to marry them.

WeddingWire tells us how important dogs are in a marriage

One of the statistics that really stood out is the fact that 68 percent of respondents said that they would marry someone who either owns a dog or actually wants to own one. And when I say they would, the study specifically categorizes these people as indicating this is a “must have” or “strongly preferred” aspect of a relationship.

Another fascinating statistic was that 38 percent include their dog in their actual wedding or engagement. And not only that, but 26 percent of people who responded to WeddingWire’s survey admitted that they plan or have already incorporated their pet into the invitations and decor of the wedding.

Oh, and perhaps my favorite statistic of all has to do with allowing your pet to sleep with you. According to the study, 47 percent of the people who responded said that they allow their pets to join them in bed. And honestly, this number seems kind of low.

Maybe it is just me, but it feels like WeddingWire really understands us and our love of pets. And with these statistics, it proves that our pups are just as important in our relationship as anything else.

What do you think of this study? Do these numbers seem right to you? Are there questions you would have asked? Tell us in the comments below.