Hazy Pup IPA from Golden Road Brewing is a tasty way to do good

Golden Road Hazy Pup IPA. Image Courtesy Hazy Pup IPA
Golden Road Hazy Pup IPA. Image Courtesy Hazy Pup IPA /

Hazy Pup IPA is the summer drink that supports a good cause too

In honor of the dog days of Summer, Golden Road Brewing recently launched their newest beer, the Hazy Pup IPA. And while we may not be a drink and food site, we are definitely here for things that are inspired by our furry friends.

Hazy Pup IPA is an extension of the brewery’s Wolf Pup line, and if that doesn’t scream dog loving fun, I don’t know what does. Then again, the fact that they created this new IPA as part of a partnership with Wags & Walks, a dog rescue organization probably helps to solidify that dog love.

We here at Dog O’Day recently wrote about this partnership between Golden Road Brewing and Wags & Walk, in terms of how they plan to celebrate National Dog Day. But the one thing we didn’t really talk about is the beer itself. So of course, that needed to be corrected.

Hazy Pup IPA is a delicious and crisp beer that has a can we can’t resist

First I have to mention that I am slightly obsessed with the can itself, as this IPA features a super chill pup who is clearly living their best life. And I am here for that.

And when it comes to the IPA itself, we are talking about one that features bursting notes of citrus and tropical flavors. Even as it gives us the taste of a more full-bodied IPA, the Hazy Pup IPA shocks with just four percent ABV (also known as alcohol by volume), and a meager 105 calories. This is the kind of beer we can appreciate if you don’t want to over indulge this summer.

The fact that snagging cans of this IPA also help support a good cause certainly helps to make this a winner in our eyes. So the fact that it not only tastes good, but also does good means that Golden Road Brewing has a winning IPA all around.

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We love when businesses support a good cause with their new releases, and this is definitely the kind of cause we support. Wags & Walks is a supporter of adoption and rescue, making this partnership one that wins the summer.