National Lasagna Day is the perfect day to celebrate Garfield and Odie

Garfield and Odie come to mind on National Lasagna Day

July 29 is National Lasagna Day, and while this is clearly a foodie holiday, we can’t help but think of two of our favorite cartoon characters today. After all, we all know that Garfield is a true lasagna lover. And if we are thinking of Garfield, then we have to give Odie some love as well.

While we never really find out what Odie thinks of Garfield’s obsession with lasagna, we can’t help but think that this very good boy would enjoy this tasty meal too. After all, cheese, pasta, tomato sauce, and meat sounds like a decadent meal for any pup (whether they should be eating it or not).

And with it being National Lasagna Day, we here at Dog O’Day feel like now is the perfect time to give both Garfield and Odie plenty of love.

National Lasagna Day could easily be considered Garfield and Odie day

Garfield might be obsessed with lasagna, but we are obsessed with Odie. This pup, who is said to be a Dachshund and Terrier Mix, not only puts up with everything that Garfield throws his way, but there have been plenty of times where he has been able to one up the cat.

While one might say that these two are the furthest thing from being friends, they have made it clear that they are the only ones who can mess with each other. If anyone else tries to mess with Odie, then Garfield will put a stop to it, and the reverse is also true.

Whether it is in the comics, in cartoons, or even in their movies, these two furry friends have given us plenty of entertainment and humor. And while today might be a day dedicated to lasagna, for us, it is a chance to appreciate these two characters that sometimes get forgotten in the mix of other popular comic characters, such as Scooby Doo and Snoopy.

Are you a fan of Garfield and Odie? Would you rather celebrate Garfield and Odie day over National Lasagna Day? Tell us what you think in the comments.