Orlando Bloom reveals that his dog, Mighty, has died

Orlando Bloom reveals sad news about his dog, Mighty

If you are a fan of Orlando Bloom, and have followed him on social media for any length of time, then you know that he is a proud dog owner. His boy, Mighty, was his constant companion. The two were known to go on motorcycle rides together, and the pup has even walked the runway with his famous father.

However, a week ago, Mighty went missing, leading to a frantic search by Bloom and a number of individuals, including the Dog Days Search & Rescue. Unfortunately, it seems that the search has come to a tragic end, as news broke on July 22 that Mighty had died.

According to People Magazine, Orlando Bloom revealed the news on his Instagram account. In the post, Bloom shared his thoughts on the search, the tears that he has shed, and even thanked all of the people who worked with him to try to find Mighty.

Orlando Bloom honors his late pup with a tattoo

The Instagram post also showed off how the actor is honoring his beloved pup – with the help of a special tattoo. The tattoo features Mighty’s name, as well as an ace of spades inside of a heart.

Since Mighty went missing, Bloom has been sharing his hurt and pain on social media, while also offering glimpses into his life. He shared pictures of himself with the pup, and even offered his thoughts about how people need to cherish the time they have with those they love (be they person or animal).

Orlando Bloom’s fiancee, Katy Perry, also shared his post to her social media account, telling her followers that there is now a “paw-shaped hole in our hearts.”

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As dog lovers and owners, we understand the pain that the actor is feeling, and we can’t help but wish that the outcome of his search had been different.

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