Save all your dog photos – and everything else – with a 2TB backup

College mascot dogs (Photo by Tony Quinn/ISI Photos/Getty Images)
College mascot dogs (Photo by Tony Quinn/ISI Photos/Getty Images) /

Degoo Will Automatically Backup and Store Your Files With Encrypted Protection. Get it now and save 95%.

Phones used to be a tool to facilitate your life but these days, key parts of your life and memories actually rely on your phone to continue to exist. Important documents for work, records, and photos are all stored in that small, easy to drop or misplace device. If you haven’t already, it’s time to back them up and ensure the safety of your files with two-terabytes of secured space from Degoo while it’s discounted by 95%. 

You may be backing up with Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive now, and that’s a great start; but Degoo can store more space than all of those platforms with high-speed transfers. It can automatically backup with an automatic file change detection across all of your devices. To simplify what that feature can actually do, let’s paint a picture. You have your first child and all of the photos of her first few months are on your phone. On your way out of the doctor’s office, you’re juggling a new kid, a bag, and your phone when suddenly, the unthinkable happens: you drop your phone down the elevator shaft. Instead of the panicked moment where you ask yourself when the last time you backed up was and if your child’s memories are lost forever, you can actually rest assured it was automatically done for you and your precious memories are safely protected in the cloud. Degoo includes an ultra-secure 256-bit AES encryption to keep all of your files and memories safe while they’re in the cloud from anyone who isn’t intended to review them, too. 

Everything is stored digitally these days because it’s easier for you and better for the environment. Back up everything you store with the large two-terabyte and encrypted Degoo cloud backup. It’s on sale today for 95% off at just $59.99. You’ll be relieved you did it when your device calls it quits, but all of your work and memories are safely chilling in the cloud.


Degoo Premium: Lifetime 2TB Backup Plan – $59.99

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