Canadian Penny on historical research, rescue dog life and Dog Twitter

Canadian Penny on adventures. Photos provided by Penny's mom
Canadian Penny on adventures. Photos provided by Penny's mom /
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Canadian Penny
Canadian Penny on adventures. Photos provided by Penny’s family /

While Canadian Penny is a famous Dog of Twitter, all dogs are goofy, and she’s no exception.

What are the best parts of being part of clubs like the Zombie Squad HQ or the Ruff Riderz? 

I have made friends all over the world by being part of these fun Twitter communities – you can’t beat that! They also take me out of my comfort zone to try new things – like riding a motorcycle in Canada’s Rocky Mountains or being a pirate on a ship with all of my friends! We look out for each other, celebrate together, and grieve together when a friend passes away. It’s like being a part of a family.

Without thumbs, how do you type?

My personal assistant (mom) helps me out with that part! You’d be amazed at what I can tell mom with just one look – that lady is definitely a mind reader!

What are some of your favorite snacks or treats?

I love sweet potato dog treats! Those are my favourite daily treat. When it comes to human food, cheese curds (the ones that make squeaky noises while you chew them are the best!), whipped cream and bacon are my go-to. I also have tasty a family tradition; “help” my grandpa carve the Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys. I take that role very seriously, because the reward at the end is well worth it!

Do you ever watch any dog sports or dog-centric shows on TV?

I watch the Puppy Bowl every year, which is on Animal Planet a couple hours before the Super Bowl. Sports are big in our house. There is always baseball, hockey, golf or tennis on, so it’s always on in the background while I play or nap. Maybe I should try watching movies with dogs in them, I might find it interesting!

Are you on any other social media besides Twitter?

According to my mom, my Twitter account is all we can manage at the moment! I know Instagram is huge for dogs, so maybe I will dip my paw in at some point!

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