Canadian Penny on historical research, rescue dog life and Dog Twitter

Canadian Penny on adventures. Photos provided by Penny's mom
Canadian Penny on adventures. Photos provided by Penny's mom /
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Canadian Penny
Canadian Penny on adventures. Photos provided by Penny’s family /

Canadian Penny is famous for sharing cool facts and history about Canada, but she’s still a normal dog at heart.

Dog O’Day – How did you get the idea to start doing fun facts about Canada, and where do you research to find good subjects?

Canadian Penny – Last September, I tweeted a photo that had a bag of milk on the counter. All of a sudden, followers from all around the world were asking questions about it, surprised and even bewildered that Canada sells milk in bags. Canada is full of unique and fun facts that I decided then to turn it into a weekly series, every Monday. I also include a fun photo!

We have lots of Canadian history books and Canadian trivia games at home, so we flip through those and also check out sites online. I try to cover the country from sea to sea – did you know that Canada touches three? I feature a variety of subjects like sports, history, food, entertainment, geography, literature and science…Canada is so cool and I love sharing it with my followers! Happy Canada Day to everyone – Canada turns 153 years old today! Let’s all have some cake!

What are some of the best parts about Dog Twitter? Why should humans check it out if they aren’t familiar?

There is so much going on in the world right now – these are uncertain times, it’s even scary some days. Dog Twitter is an escape from all of that…dogs are innocent and we just want to make people smile. And we’re funny too! We laugh out loud at some of the silly posts!

I’m also friends with other animals on Twitter – cats, birds, rabbits, turtles, horses, and even a pet pig! Humans who want to focus on something cheerful online should check out Dog Twitter today!

How do you like to spend your time most days?

These days are a little out of the ordinary…my parents have been working from home all day every day for three months! It has really interrupted my schedule of napping the days away! They are constantly in work meetings, which is very loud! But aside from that, my favourite thing to do in the summer is to lie out on the back deck in the sun! In the winter, it gets so cold here, sometimes down to -39 degrees Celsius [about -40 degrees Fahrenheit], so I spend the day huddled in blankets in my crate (which I call my “Bat Cave“).