Golfing coyote caught on camera in viral video

Golfing coyote (Photo by Mark Trowbridge/Getty Images)
Golfing coyote (Photo by Mark Trowbridge/Getty Images) /

A golfing coyote in California was caught on camera in a viral video recently.

A golfing coyote was caught on camera in a viral video in California not long ago.

This happened in Tarzana on May 20, and was previously reported by People Magazine, which is where we here at Dog O’Day heard about it, though it seems to have been broken by Mashable.

As this YouTube video shows (taken on a Ring doorbell camera), the coyote wandered into the backyard putting green and tossed a ball around, playing a game of fetch with himself for about three minutes before leaving.

Last year a coyote puppy was accidentally rescued near San Diego, where it was quickly turned over to a wildlife sanctuary.

Tarzana is technically a neighborhood of Los Angeles, originally part of a ranch owned by pioneering science fiction author Edgar Rice Burroughs, who created the character of Tarzan in 1912 and also wrote a series of novels following a man named John Carter that are set on Mars. It later became a community and then was absorbed into the City of Angels as time went on.

While Tiger Woods is arguably the most famous golfer ever, and Jack Nicklaus (known as “The Golden Bear”) is up there as well, as far as we know there haven’t been any golfers with canine-related nicknames, as it doesn’t seem to be very hospitable to canine participation. However, we don’t know golf very well, though we admire the satire of ABC’s mini golf/obstacle course show Holey Moley.

But if you enjoy golf and want to keep up with the latest news, opinions and techniques of the game, be sure to check out our FanSided Network sister site Pro Golf Now.

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While a golfing coyote is a little out of the ordinary, viral dogs are always good for a laugh, which is something that is far too rare these days.