Andy Cohen discusses rehoming his rescue dog Wacha

Andy Cohen (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Freixenet)
Andy Cohen (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Freixenet) /

Andy Cohen is saying goodbye to his pup, Wacha

On May 29, Andy Cohen took to Instagram to share some sad news about his rescue dog, Wacha. And while the news could have been sadder, it seems that the Bravo host has had to rehome his pup for the good of his son and the dog.

In the post on Instagram, Cohen explained that while he has had Wacha for seven years, the pup has shown some signs of aggression. And considering the TV host has a small child in his home, it makes sense that having an aggressive dog in his home might not be the right choice for him.

What Andy Cohen had to say about Wacha

According to Andy Cohen, “Over the nearly seven years that I’ve been blessed to have Wacha in my life, we have worked to address some occasional random signs of aggression. No effort was spared in the attempt to help Wacha feel adjusted.”

Apparently, this was simply not enough, as there was apparently an incident in the last few months that led Cohen and a number of “professionals” to make the decision that it would be best to find Wacha a new home. But the pup is not just going anywhere. It seems that the rescue dog has been placed with the family that usually watched him when the Bravo host is out of town.

Even though this is sad news for Andy Cohen, it is clear that he is trying to do the best he can for not only his son, but also his beloved dog. And while the idea of rehoming the pup might seem harsh to some people, it appears to be a decision that he thought out for some time.

In fact, there is no doubt that Cohen adores his pup, even if they are no longer living together. He even credits the dog with opening up his heart to love and family.

"When I think of him – let’s be honest, when don’t I think of him – it’s with the clarity that we were meant to come into each other’s lives exactly when we did, and that he’s happy, which gives me peace of mind. We did rescue each other. Thank you, Wacha."

Although this is certainly sad news for Andy Cohen and his family, the Bravo host seems to have done the best he can with the situation he was handed. We certainly can’t fault him for doing what is best for his son. The fact that he was also doing what was best for Wacha is also clear.

Perhaps there will be another dog in Cohen’s future, or maybe Wacha will be the only pup to steal his heart. Either way, this is certainly sad news for the host.

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