Scoob! missed out on an opportunity to give Scrappy-Doo some love

You want to know what would have made the Scoob! movie even better? If they had introduced Scrappy-Doo into the mix, of course.

Now that the Scoob! movie has officially premiered, we have to talk about the one character they missed out on delivering. While we love the fact that this was more of a Scooby-Doo origin story and that they gave us some other Hanna-Barbera characters to fall in love with, such as Dynomutt, there is one classic Scooby character we wish they had introduced.

Of all the classic characters the Scoob! movie could have given us, Scrappy-Doo feels like a bit of a missed opportunity. On the one hand, it makes sense that they didn’t want to overload the movie with characters, on the other, this is Scrappy-Doo we are talking about!

While we are thrilled that they introduced a new group of viewers to the wonders of Dynomutt, it would have been great to get the fiesty puppy into the mix. Considering Scrappy-Doo is Scooby’s nephew, this would have been a chance to see these two work together, just like they have in the past.

And since Scrappy-Doo has always been the more outgoing of the two Great Danes, it would have been nice to see him act as a counterpoint to Scooby. Although Scrappy has garnered his fair share of criticisms, after all he is impetuous by nature, and prone to leaping into action without any thought for his safety, this is one pup who really knows how to liven things up.

Since the Scoob! movie chose not to introduce Scrappy-Doo in this first outing, it is possible that they are saving him for a future appearance. In fact, we can only hope that there are future appearances of the entire Scooby gang, and it would certainly be nice to get Dynomutt back in action as well.

Even without Scrappy-Doo, the Scoob! movie was a lot of fun, and it does leave the door open for more characters to arrive in the future. So, hopefully one of those characters is our fearless pup, especially with his penchant for getting into a bit of trouble.

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Do you think the Scoob! movie should have introduced Scrappy-Doo? Do you think we could get more Scooby movies like this one? Do you want more Scoob! movies? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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