Casting Parks and Rec characters as dog breeds

Parks and Rec characters as dog breeds (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)
Parks and Rec characters as dog breeds (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images) /
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Casting Parks and Rec characters as dog breeds continues….it’s auditing bros time!

Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott)

Position at the time: Director, Sweetums Foundation/Accountant, Tilton and Radomski

Ben Wyatt settles in Pawnee even though “This town’s full of weirdos” because “they’re weirdos that care” (“Fancy Party”). Disastrously elected mayor as a teenager, he eventually becomes a Democratic congressman, and possibly the President of the United States.

He’s the cautious half of the auditing team, and most other endeavors, and as Tom never fails to remind him, he’s a nerd (though in his book he also says Ben is “level-headed, tactical and calm under pressure). He’s also the perfect person for Leslie to spend her life with, as he is responsible, down to earth and detail-oriented.

Show choice: Left out of plaque

Boo. Way to go, Parks and Rec spirit dogs search.

Dog O’Day choice: Corgi or Border Collie

Leslie’s always complimenting Ben on his looks, and is there a dog breed that’s much cuter than a Corgi? Either version, Cardigan or Pembroke, could work. Plus there are those adorable videos of Corgi puppies being transfixed by those flexible metal door stopper things, which is totally something Ben would do if he was a dog. The guy loves calzones, makes stop-motion Claymation videos and invents his own board game.

Ben is also incredibly intelligent, which could make him a solid Border Collie. But like a Border Collie, if things go haywire he can lose it really quickly. (Read Jon Katz’s books for more on the many eccentricities of the breed.)

Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe)

Position at the time: Pawnee City Manager

The uptight and extroverted half of the auditing team, Chris Traeger eventually becomes Pawnee’s City Manager before he and Ann leave for Ann Arbor as he takes a job at the University of Michigan, though in 2025 they return to Pawnee as he starts working at the University of Indiana (which had moved its main campus to Pawnee by that time).

Show choice: Left out of plaque.

Not cool, Parks and Rec spirit dogs search.

Dog O’Day choice: Foxhound, Border Collie or Whippet

AKC judge David Frei has described the Foxhound “like if a Beagle had a gym membership.” This certainly applies to Chris, who might be the fittest person on the planet, which is only fitting if you plan to live to be 150 years old. (This is why 3.02, “Flu Season,” is so hysterical and a great entry point for newcomers before they rewind back to the pilot.)

Border Collies are also extremely athletic, competing in everything from dog agility and flyball to dock diving and obedience. This is Chris all over.

He often goes running or cycling tremendous distances like it’s nothing, and while Whippets can’t go distance running very well, Andy couldn’t keep up when he tried training for the police exam (5.02, “Soda Tax”).